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The solution for the Spam in Diablo III
You might think a very simple solution would be to simply cease guest accounts from using the chat service. While this would work, the solution would only be temporary at best. If avendor Diablo 3 Gold can make more money in the time it requires to obtain banned than the cost inside of the game itself, they'll simply purchase keys over and over and over again.
It also would not be incorrect to presume the fact that actual money Auction house will curb a lot of inside of the income that go on, and make gold selling much less profitable. except that there will nevertheless be groups of uneducated masses who do not even know the RMAH exists, and will most likely continue to provide a regular customer base for gold sellers.
Step 1: Provide a statement choice particular to gold sellers, or advertisers, or whatever you desire to call it. This can be important! While a sole particular person getting an idiot and spamming random insults in basic chat may be annoying, we can prevent him and know he won't bother us anymore. We need a particular method to cope with the problem.
Step 2: Initiate a party reporting system. Say 4 various individuals who are not on each other's good friend lists (and therefore may be assumed to not be functioning together) statement somebody for gold selling. This triggers an automatic muting and flagging inside of the reported person. Leave them muted until a Blizzard rep can look it over. Make specific that their account is muted and their IP too if possible.
Step 3: this can be the big one. See those URL's individuals are posting? Setup a server side filter that prevents those messages from getting displayed. Don't mute the individuals saying them, and don't inform them the fact that information has not gone through. Every time a bot would make it to Step 2, find the unique wording in his message, include it to the filter. Make specific anybody hitting that filter more than once in an hour time period is immediately flagged.
This would support immensely, and pretty very much make it financially not possible for gold selling bots to do business. As much as the gold sellers will be aware,must just not be a profitable market anymore, and they will proceed onto other games.
The fact will be the reality that Blizzard has had 12 many years of come upon with spammers, 5 games, and a whole host of expansion packs to figure this out somewhere in the progress cycle. It is disappointing that spam problems nevertheless continue to plague their latest title, in spite of the advances in guarding in opposition to it that they have demonstrated within their other games. for that superior inside of the online community and also the health inside of the game, Blizzard must address this sooner instead than later.

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