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There are many ways in which you can help the work of the Choir.

A concert of the Choir Hands of Grace children choir

Attend a concert of the Choir in a city near you. Invite friends and let them also experience the dignity and unlimited ability of these incredible children of South Sudan.

Host the Choir

Invite the Choir to perform in your Church, Community Center or School

Invite the Choir to perform in your Church, Community Center or School.

Support the Choir Financially

You can support the Choir and the work of the Choir financially through any contribution that you feel you would like to make.Hands of Grace Music is a registered charity in the Norway and South Sudan.

Connect with a child a make a lasting impact on his or her life, and on the lives of those in their family and community.


The Child Sponsorship program the Hands of Grace children's Choir  provides a long-term opportunity to make a difference in the life of an African child who  might not have the chance for a quality education.


Become Friend of the Choir

Your monthly donation will help these talented children bring joy around the world while spreading the message about the plight of all the vulnerable children in South Sudan.Friends of the Choir help meet the costs of Choir training in Choir travel costs, medical needs and other expenses as the Choirs tour abroad.

Our Need:

Passports and visas, plane fares, costumes, clothes and toiletries, and tour bus maintenance are just some of the expenses that are needed for a succes

Your donation will help ensure that the Hands of Grace Children’s Choir continues to toursful tour abroad.


Sponsor A Child Hands of Grace Children's Choir

It is an opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship; to get to know your child and share your love, prayers and financial support help him or her complete their education .

There are three types of sponsorship through Hands of Grace South Sudan

1-Child sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship program provides a long-term opportunity to make a difference in the life of an Sudanese child who might not have the chance for a quality education.The program’s current focus is in South Sudan where you can decide to sponsor a needy boy or girl in an age category of your choice.

These children live with their families or caregivers and attend the community schools supported by Hands of Grace South Sudan. Their care includes tuition and school fees, school supplies, uniforms and a meal each day, until they have completed highschool.The current cost to support a child in a community school is $35 per month,

Choir Member Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Choir Child is a very special and serious undertaking. You will be helping provide a child with a quality of education and lifestyle that they have experienced and earned during their time with the Choir, on through their developing years.The full cost to support a Choir member is $200 per month.


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