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WHAT WE DO-Hands of Grace Peace Orphan Gospel Choir South Sudan

Hands of Grace Children’s Choir is just one program run by Music in Juba South Sudan.Tour raising money to support educational and humanitarian programs across South Sudan Centery Equtoria and Eastern Equtoria Music currently works in South Sudan Capital city Juba.

1-Children and women training Center dedicated to the training of choir and talioring for young women.

2-The project has been carefully planned in such a way that completion of the first buildings will provide a functioning school facility and accommodation for an initial intake of 250 children.

3-Nursery School offering early childhood education to the orphanages.

Landscaping designed with open spaces for play and other areas for quiet reflection or study

The new school facility carries the potential to radically alter the future of hundreds of children each year. The children are able to live their lives full of hope, love and the knowledge that they can make a difference: in their homes, their communities, their countries and around the South Sudan.

African Children's Choir

Many have lost one or both parents to poverty or disease. The hands of Grace  Children’s Choir  helps these children break away from the everyday cycle of poverty and hopelessness in South Sudan.

Hands of Grace Music for offer an after-school program once a week that includes music and dance, arts and crafts, life skills training help one interaction between the children and  volunteers Juba South Sudan.

There are currently Music for hands of Grace in South Sudan. Hands of Grace has approximately 85  children attending each week. Each Music provides a meal as well.






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