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Farm like an adult while enjoying it like a kid while playing Fortnite.

Milking cows and planting crops is an idyllic life for many who dream of owning a farm, and now anyone can be a farmer without all the work. Much like Farmville and other farming games, Hay Day is a fun and relaxing past time for those who love to play farming games.

Fortnite V Bucks Hack sets the scene with a background story that is extremely simplistic: you have inherited a farm and are in charge of taking care of it. On the farm, you’ll need to raise livestock, such as sheep, cows, and chickens. Animals need to be raised from baby stage and will grow into adults under your care. Simultaneously, you will need to till, plant, grow and harvest crops in order to feed the animals, make products and complete a wide array of tasks.

Eventually, the entire farm will become sustainable, and all of the products created while raising animals and crops are used in the future. You will have occasional visitors that come to your farm from town and from neighboring farms. During visits you will have the opportunity to sell your wares for extra money and complete additional tasks.

Harvesting crops and milking cows requires a waiting period between each planting or feeding. Growing wheat, for example, takes several minutes. This is similar to nearly every farming game today. Wait times can be eliminated with the use of diamonds, which can be purchased through the games easy-to-use purchasing system. Farmers can advertise in the “newspaper” to sell their goods.

The game graphics are very detailed, and are pleasing to the eye. Colors are vibrant and varied, and graphics remain smooth during your avatars movements. It is easy to pan in or out to get a better view of the farm and all of its components.

The game’s interface is perfect for touchscreen phones. It’s easy to till a plot of land with the tap of a fingertip. Likewise, harvesting is simply completed with the swipe of a finger. Gathering milk, wool and eggs is just as easy. This is a massive improvement over older farming games that require an individual tap or click to complete even the smallest tasks.

There’s plenty to do on the farm, ensuring plenty of game time for you and other players. Not only can you get hours of play out of your own farm, you can visit friends’ farms via Facebook and help them complete their own tasks. Keeping track of progress is simple: just click on the house, barn etc. to view the achievements that have been unlocked thus far.

Overall Fortnite is a fun game that is easy to become immersed in and rewarding to play.
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