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More people need to pay attention to the foods they eat. Mainly because the foods we eat are one of the main reasons why a large percentage of the population in most western countries are becoming overweight. Unfortunately many people neglect the fact that they may be overweight and continue with bad food habits until they are faced with a health problem before they take any action.


Especially in the morning, lack of time and stress can play a part in poor diet habits. 4fe997982534326062012.jpgBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you rely on stress to jump-start your morning you are definitely heading down the wrong path. Low-fat yogurt and fruit takes just a minute to prepare, and if you don't even have a minute you can get it ready the night before. Other options are hard or soft-boiled eggs shelled the night before and 100% whole grain toast with almond or peanut butter.

For your protein needs have your freezer well stocked with chicken breasts, lean cuts of beef, pork, and fish. Have lots of skim milk, and lean deli cuts of turkey, chicken, and roast beef in your refrigerator for additional protein. Combine this with a couple protein shakes and meal replacements, and your protein needs should get met.


You might have heard something about raw foods. Essentially the idea is not to cook anything you don't have to maximize nutrients sensitive to heat, specifically enzymes. Enzyme help to breakdown food. When you get them from your food, your body has to work less, which give you more energy to devote to using the abundance of nutrients you are taking in.

Often people will detoxify when they are moving into a raw food diet for this reason. With 4fe997c7085fc26062012.jpgthe extra energy and increase in nutrients, your body can start to detoxify in the background of it regular activities. This can be an overwhelming experience for people with lots of toxicity. I recommend slowly moving into a raw food diet by cooking vegetables/foods less and less until you are on a pure raw food diet. Please note that some foods need to be cooked, such as legumes (beans), squash most grains. Find a raw food book for details.

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