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Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

Many people who wear contact lenses complain of dry eyes. This however, does not mean that one has to stop using the lenses since there are several solutions. Most dry eye problems cause irritation, burning, sensitivity, red eyes and even blurred vision. kontaktlinsen violett You should know that lenses affect the eyes by making it impossible to generate tears which are crucial in having a moisturized and comfortable eye.


Most professionals recommend the use of re-wetting drops which are applied during the day. Others have to re-soak the lenses in a specific lenses solution few times a day before putting them back. This will mainly be determined by the severity of the symptoms but if the dryness seems very severe you will need medical help. Dry eyes sometimes need eye drops that do not have any preservative since some preservatives cause irritation or dryness. hier klicken It is good if you just use a few drops on your contacts and you feel comfortable.

The contact lenses need to be cleaned and disinfect appropriately if you want to have your eyes comfortable. This is also a great way of reducing the chances of dryness in your eyes. The lens has to be changed as recommended and not worn longer than the expected period of time. This will result to eye infections and ultimately dryness will likely occur. 


If the problem persists you will need to contact an eye specialist and you may be prescribed alternative lenses that will help deal with the problem. There are different lenses that are made with different materials and thus you may be allergic to certain substances. Once you change the lenses your problem will be gone. Always visit the optometrist and have your eyes checked to see if any underlying condition is causing dryness. http://kontaktlinsenonline24.net/kontaktlinsen-online-bestellen/ The best thing is to remove the contact lenses and then see a professional for more help.

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