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Direct to Garment Printing - The most recent Technology in T-Shirt Printing

Ok, before we have started I would like to clarify some things first. This is not the end-all, be-all of Garment Printing, so don't run down for your local Screenprinter and initiate bashing his method of income. Like he could be rubbing to sticks together and you discovered matches.

Although huge breakthrough in the way we apply graphics to garments. It is possible to a lot of things that you can do with screenprinting that you can't do with Digital Shirt Printing or (DTG) and the other way round.

Effortlessly that being said lets get down to some key differences between your two. The primary questions any consumer typically asks is the place much will it gonna cost me. This is a great place to start out the comparison. If you are looking to merely obtain a couple of things printed, say under 10-12 pieces. Then this most competitive route is certainly DTG.

If you're looking to perform more than this, then screenprinting would be the best option.

I understand, I am aware think about quality though. Well that simply depends upon what exactly you are planning to do. Should you be looking to breed a photograph, then (DTG) is exactly what you would like. Direct to garment Printing can reproduce a photograph with crisp, clean detail with no limitations on the amount of colors. The single thing I enjoy concerning this process is it is obviously soft to the touch regardless of how many colors there are.

Now lets talk somewhat by what it wouldn't do. Exact color matching is a bit of an issue. You are also limited in relation to selection of inks. You cannot do Glitters, Shimmers, Foils, etc. Just like you can with screenprints. You might be also limited about the actual printing area, size, position, etc. Something else will be the actual content in the fabric itself. The garment have to be no less than 80% cotton. Which will modify the cost of the shirt. Though everything being said I really love the truth that there's no minimum order.

To sum it all up, determined by what you should want to perform DTG is surely a giant advance in Garment Printing. I am hoping this helps you with any decision you have to make or maybe hardly anything else increases your arsenal of knowledge.

If you need to style your own shirt, get it printed and brought to your doorstep with all the DTG process.

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