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In the off chance you don't have a clue who I could possibly be, I am Godkin Szwed. I want you to know your initial time taking a look at my journey, you will definitely uncover a whole lot about me across the up coming couple of months.

You will discover right away just how much I like kicking a soccer ball. Of course this isn't the only hobby my group is into. However, you have little choice but to learn a lot more regarding me as you continue reading my upcoming posts. I highly recommend you come back and connect with me before long.

By the way one final idea. The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker


Why I Love Hats 

 Hats are something I love. As a matter of fact, I cannot go out without wearing a hat. There are even some people who would call me crazy because of the many hats I have. Well, you can say that it is ok for a woman like me to collect women’s hats. Unlike others, I also have caps, new era hats and men’s hats in my hat collection. To top it off, I have different hats for different occasions, different moods and different dresses. In short, my hat collection fills a huge cabinet. To some people, my avid interest in collecting hats have made me into a hat freak and not a hat collector. If you make a little research about hat, you can see that there are many reasons why one should love a hat. For me, the number one reason why I love a hat is that it keeps me fashionable.

 I always wanted to be up to date to the latest fashion trend, even if it is with hats the only. If I see a hat that will surely match with one of my dresses or outfits, then would make sure that I would buy that hat. Hats are very cool. If you have a good hat, then you would look good. A hat can complement your looks as well as match your dress for the day. Most of the time, if I'm rushing and I don’t have enough time to out my hair in position, I'll use a hat to maintain it in position. Needless to say, hats are the ideal way for me to protect my eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Even if I’m under the sun, hats can still keep me cool, comfortable and shaded. After all, no woman would want to stay too long under the sun. I may keep a lot of hats, but I do not keep all of them, even if they are not being used. That would be a selfish thing for me to do. If a person is important to me, I would give him or her some of the hats that I have.

 Of course, I would not give worn down hats. I strongly believe that the best gift for a very important person in your life is the thing that is also important for you. This is the reason why friends, loved ones and family would always get a hat from me as a present. Another reason why I really like to collect hats is that it really is the best way for me to express how I feel for that day. Actually, my friends can see if I am down or happy, depending on the hat I wear.
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