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"Diablo 3" is a high quality games, the high demand for computer configuration, and content more bloody violence, the relevant department cannot be easily pass; At the auction system for players for the game in Cdkey paid, but also to trade at the auction such behavior "tax"; The server is running abroad often fail, the players cry carry a way, even the south Korean culture ministry have to apologize for this requiring blizzard and strengthen service. Rumors about the future is undoubtedly the DLC pay for operators are poison. The DLC covers the PVP, unique items, unique non-combat dye, the unique "world of warcraft" pet "tear the soul beast pet cage" the characteristic such as configuration, but these should have to pay for the domestic players is incredible "trade". This let haven't used to pay for a game of many times for domestic players, it is forced them to find "crack single version" or just to give up, the crowd is not a little all the individuals that at least a third of those who have so psychology. Think of the mission call: black action "in open DLC paid service, was busy project BBS significantly more active number is falling fast, visible in the DLC domestic are an embarrassment, it appears the time is not right, at least the feasibility is bad, the audience is small. A domestic game BBS do a a voting statistics, 58% of the players are made clear it will not welcome pay DLC.if you want buy Diablo 3 Gold more you can choose. Therefore, blizzard will not launch paying DLC is a wise choice, but do not mean that can push the pay the expansion, the individual thinks if really launch price should pay the expansion in 50 yuan to control may be most people accept. This is not the diablo 3 "the last of the DLC, and is only the beginning, and the next DLC and the expansion will have online, always have paid for players of may. source:http://www.hid3gold.com
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