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Going for a longer holiday

The holiday season is once again here and everyone is buzzing about it. Many people are going abroad on their holiday and some are staying home.

It really does not matter whether you are at home or not when you have a holiday. What matters is that you get at least two weeks of proper rest from work. Human brain works in such way that it needs time to cool down before it can be properly shut down.

I find it always best to cool down while driving. We have been many years abroad with my family and every time we drive. My mother is afraid of flying so that might have been the start for all this driving but actually I don’t mind. Driving long distances is fun at least if you have the right car and the right gear with you. It is just like running. You don’t like to run with your jeans and regular shoes but you like to run with sneakers and sports trousers.

Preparation for the journey is always the best part of the journey. Preparing for a long drive is like preparing for a long holiday. You have to plan the routes, do efficient packaging, check the car, repair some small stuff and then eventually test everything. When packing and checking the car one important thing to check out are the tires. I like the tires to be quite new always so that if there is heavy rain we won’t be in trouble on the roads at least because of them. Quiet tires (in Finnish: hiljaiset renkaat) are also a great example of how much difference you can make just with a small decision when choosing the tires. If you head for a longer journey and you have tires that keep a lot of noise you are doomed to have a really long and stressful drive. Keeping the noise down usually means also keeping the costs down. New tires with low friction gives you the benefit of low fuel consumption which can add up to be quite a sum after a long journey.

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