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adf.ly - shorten links and earn money!

Adf.ly is an URL shortening service that allows you to earn money from your shortened links. That is, every time someone clicks the shortened URL, you will make money. How this works is very simple. All you have to do is to shorten your URL through Adf.ly and share them.

Whenever someone clicks on your link, an ad page shows up before the shortened link loads. Each ad that is shown earns you money.

Adf.ly makes payment through PayPal and AlertPay. Once you have earned $5.00 on your Adfly account, your earnings wlll automatically be paid into your PayPal or AlertPay account.

You can shorten your links and post them into facebook or twitter. You can also email your links to others. You can post your links on blogs, websites and forums. The possibilities of making money is unlimited.

Adf.ly is a great way of earning extra money! Register yourself an account in adf.ly, and don't forget to read Adfly's term & conditions. Also visit the Adfly forum for more great ideas on how to earn more through Adfly.

adf.ly - shorten links and earn money!

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