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If you’re embarking on putting your first website together, and you’re not using templates of web 2.0 properties (like Wordpress) to do so, you’ll need to know a thing or two about web design principles (unless you hire a web design agency to do it all for you, then they’ll know it all for you).


Now that the internet has been around for a few years, certain standards have developed, and these will all need to be taken into account when putting together a new website. Most of these standards aren’t noticeable unless you’re thinking about it, although they will seem obvious when pointed out. They’re become more obvious on sites that don’t do them than sites that do, and that’s why it’s important.

Put your logo in the top-left

It’s pretty standard by now to have your logo in the top left hand corner, and for it to be a http://www.n49.com/biz/1069054/seotraversecity-mi-traverse-city/ link back to the homepage. Users that have got used to this handy shorthand for ‘homepage link’ find it immensely infuriating to find a site that doesn’t adhere to this standard.

Put your navigation under the header

Underneath your header, put your navigation bar. Again, users expect to find the main category level links. When looking for High Quality, online search engine friendly and mobile friendly web sites you have to take a look at hiring the leading Website design Business in Traverse city.

at the top here, and will quickly lose interest if they have to search around for them.

Get the right width

Fixed width sites are generally 960 pixels wide, in keeping with the basic Wordpress size. Although this makes them look small on larger screens, it’s much better to seem narrow on a big screen than require scrolling on a small screen – particularly on a laptop where users may be using a trackpad. A 960 width website will fill a standard widescreen laptop screen.


As screens get bigger, so will standard website width with it, so keep an eye on this.

If you’re got a bigger budget and are working with a proper web design agency, you may be able to build a variable width website that matches the size of the screen. If this http://www.icc.org/details/16095134.html is the case, you most likely won’t need to read this article.

Crucial footer links

Aside from your main navigation in the header, it’s crucial https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/traverse-city-mi/1330465107-seotraversecity to put other links in the footer. Some people use this space for deeper level navigation, but if you have a small site you won’t need this. What you will need is a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and possibly a Sitemap. There are differing legal requirements for these pages depending on where in the world you are, so make sure you’re aware of them.

These are just some of the standards that have developed in web design over the last decade or so.
There is no diktat that they should be followed, but users have grown used to them, even if they’re not aware of them. Not following them could well increase your bounce rate, as all good web design agencies know.


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