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Femina Miss India

Femina Miss India is a big beauty pageant in India; it is one of the most recognized contests to produce international beauty queens in the 90s. Every year they find three winners to compete globally. Then the winner goes to the Miss World contest, and the others compete variously at Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Asia Pacific and Miss International.

In 1995 the organizers of Femina Miss India decides, that all three finalists, who represented India in Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific, were all equal winners, unlike the previous years.  From 2007 the third of the three finalists goes to the Miss World contest, the premier international beauty contest. 

We think it's crazy that somebody will use so big amounts of money to get into a beauty contest, where you can win a crown and a bouquet of flowers.


Nicole Faria

Nicole Faria is an Indian Model from Bangalore. She has won many beauty pageants, for an example, Femina Miss India Earth 2010 and Miss Earth 2010. Faria is the first woman from India to win Miss Earth. Faria has been in the modeling business since 2005. She has been in a few magazines, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc.



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