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The media manipulates youngsters.

People get manipulated by the media from their 3 years old. The multimedia industry manipulates everyone in all ages, with commercials, movies, music and magazines. An average child from the age of 3 to 12 watches 21 hours of television a week

Young girls from the age of 10 usually have very low self-esteem, and will do anything to look better. The industry knows, and uses that. For an example in the magazines, they edit all pictures of girls older than 14, to make them look like the "ideal" girl/woman.

Isabelle Caro is a famous french model, she participated in an anti-anorexia campaign, to show the world how serious it is. She had it herself since she was thirteen, in 2006 she reached her lowest weight, it was 25kg, at a height of 165cm.





In the United States 38% of the population have tattoos, it’s almost a 1/3. It’s different from culture to culture what tattoos stand for, for an example in India, they get a tattoo, that symbolizes there family, but in The States people get all kind of tattoos, just because they think it looks good. We think that the people in The States get tattoos because they get addicted to them. They cant get enough. Maybe it starts with a little one on the arm, and then you think, 'well, that one looks cool too'. Boom, you have 10 tattoos.

We love tattoos; some people get tattoos because they lost a family member, because a picture says more than a thousand words. It’s a good way to show emotions. Some often associates tattoos with criminals, and other bad people, but if you hear the story about their tattoos, even the toughest criminals will show their sensitive side.


 Cosmetic Surgery

In 2006, nearly 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone. The number of cosmetic producers performed in the United States has increased over 50 percent since the start of the century. 

Nearly 12 million cosmetic producers were performed in the 2007, with the five most common surgerys being: breast augomenation, liposuation, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplast. 

My think that people should do whatever they want with their bodies. If people want to make their breasts bigger or their eyebrows beautiful, it´s their choice.



Piercings, why would anyone do that to themselves, one would think. Surveys show that 62 % of pierced people get their piercings because they want to express their individuality, and actually people who has been abused as kids, sometimes gets pierced to reclaim the body part. The body piercing got really popular in the 60's and 70's where the punks accepted it, and spread the word, some people fancied it, some didn't.

I myself think that a body piercing, when thought through and set the right place, is kinda sexy, but it can go the exact opposite way too, you know? Some people are just not meant to have piercings.



Weight loss operation

The most typical operation that makes a person get a weight loss is a gastric Bypass operation. It is a laparoscopy operation where you make the stomach smaller. Then you stitch the small intestine in the top of the stomach which makes it harder for a person to absorb fat and sugar.

People who get a gastric bypass in Denmark often have a body mass index on 35 and at least one disease related to overweight. If the person has a body mass index on 50 or higher, the person doesn’t need a disease in order to get an operation.

In USA there were 220.000 weight loss operations in 2008, and in Denmark there were 4.255 weight loss operations in 2010. Denmark is the nation after USA that gets most gastric bypass operation in proportion to its population.

After a person have gotten a gastric bypass, they fell a few side effects like e.g. 2% of all patients get bowel obstruction (volvulus) and there are some persons who get a leakage from the small intestine and the stomach will be sewn together.


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