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Welcome to HardKor's Guild Website

If you're not already a member of HardKor... why are you here?

Okay, seriously...

This website has a basic forum, events calendar etc. It's good enough for me but it's quite clear that this website has it's limitations and a few flaws. I've talked to Lane about the possibility of making a better website. Lane can't say yes or no to making a better website since there's only 24 hours in a day. Hopefully, Lane will find the time to make a better website for us one day.

Until that day comes or someone else steps up to the challenge of making a better website this will be our website. However, maybe Lane will never find the time. I just want you to be aware that this website might be a temporary website. It's all a bit unclear right now what's going to happen and maybe we will end up using this website for a while.

Get invited to the website by clicking Contact us and fill out the form or talk to me in guild chat.

- HeroSTRatos
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