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Want to Learn How to Print Your current Full Color Style on Tops?

Many times when you've got finished a fantastic custom made shirts and are ready to have it screen printed the actual screen printer's tells you that the design has many or too many color separations. What does they mean?

Properly silk screening process is the process regarding separating the design straight into individual colours, then using up a display screen for each shade and publishing paint from the screen on t shirts. Because only individual hues are achievable, designs cannot be full photo color.

If you have a design and style that is full photographic colour the best way to obtain that design on a tee shirt is with One on one to Garment digital printing. Direct to be able to Garment stamping or DTG is often a process that actually loads a t shirt into a digital printer and works on the CMYK process to be able to print a graphic just like a image printer. The shirt have to be heat treated to seal the ink in to the fabric.

This process can reprinting any picture. The tee shirt quality is just like a launch silk display ink, very soft upon black t shirts and gentle as the material on white-colored t shirts. The image is much crisper than man made fiber screen. Hues are vibrant and it is a new photographic duplication.

DTG is a very labour intensive procedure and wonderful care has to be put into the printing. Essential is the excellence of the t shirt layout. The design needs to be prepared with a transparent background saved being a .png or .tiff. If the image can be on a whitened background the particular white should be removed from the exterior of the design.

On the whole if you have a design that should be full color DTG will be the way to go. No other process can easily reproduce complicated full color and possess the durability of the material. Feel free to send an email for more information.

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