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                               To an even more healthy me!

 I need to be much healthier. That is the main point. When I was in my teenager years, while hanging with my associates, I'll frequently smoke a minimum of 2 cigarettes each day. Several months have gone by and I noticed that it became an addiction. Being or not being with my buddies, I would crave to light and use a cigarette. My mom was trying her far better to help me control or stop me from smoking. The thing is, when I was 5 my dad died to lung cancer.

 My mom is afraid that the same will happen to me. I deeply love my mom so I tried what she suggested. We first tried limiting the sticks I'd puff per day. To be realistic, that strategy didn't work at all. I came to a degree where I kept a stash of cigarette stick in my room, then if she leaves the house for an errand, I would puff myself away. I know she meant well however the addiction is actually taking over my desire. Luckily, we have learned about the E-Cigarette and just how good as a substitute it is health-wise. It's impossible for somebody to immediately kill her or his bad habit in the event that individual has had that habit for a lot of years.

 To abolish my chance with lung cancer, my mother could pick electronic cigarettes over those harmful tobacco cigarettes to help me stop this habit. An added benefit is that I'm now able to control my cigarette usage because I do not need to empty the cigarette just just before stopping. I believe this is currently an improvement given that my mom and I are taking one day at a time with this solution. I owe this solution and dedication to my mother. I love you, Mom.
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