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Importance of Citations in College Essay Writing

Writing in college is more than just college essay writing. A student sometimes has to do lengthy papers that requires more than five paragraphs. They also need related literature, hypothesis, data analysis, results, conclusion and a bibliography to make it complete. In short, it's also about research papers and that all-important project, the thesis writing.


Doing the thesis is no piece of cake. It doesn't only involve writing, but also, data-gathering, experiments, statistical operations, and visual presentations. To make a thesis valid, there has to be some works cited page. This page includes all the authors you mentioned in your work, whose works you acknowledged as reference. This citations page is especially important, because:

*Correct format of references must be followed depending on the instructor's directions

*Though your work must be an original, with no plagiarism, you must be able to write it in your own words and cite the quotations of experts with the proper reference as seen in a book/journal/article.

*You recognize the experts in your field of writing and through your thesis, provides further directions for the particular study to progress

In doing bibliography, here are two interesting terms a student must know:

Arachniography-the term for a list of URLs from the Internet used as a reference source. Andrew J. Butrica, a NASA research historian, coined the term. The keyword for arachniography is arachne, which means a spider's web.

Ibid-Latin term meaning “the same place”. This is short for ibidem. Ibid is used for footnotes and bibliographies as reference to the article, book, chapter or page cited before.


Without use of “ibid.”:

  1. Stockett, The Help, p. 35

  2. Stockett, The Help, p. 35

  3. Stockett, The Help, p. 50

  4. Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, p. 200

  5. Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, p. 210

  6. Stockett, The Help, p. 60

With use of “ibid”:

  1. Stockett, The Help, p. 35

  2. Ibid.

  3. Ibid., p. 50

  4. Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, p. 200

  5. Ibid., p. 210

  6. Stockett, The Help, p. 60

Ibid.” is used for nos. 2 and 3 because it's found in the same book as number 1. For number 5, “Ibid” is also used because it's also referred to the same book as number 4.

These are reference terms every student must know about. It's pretty interesting.

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