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Bridal headpieces have become part of the wedding ensemble. wedding gownIt has become a trend on its own and women have picked up the need to glam up their attire by putting on something to accent their hairstyles and veils. Fashion experts have said that headpieces can bring together the look that the bride wants to achieve especially when her wedding gown isn't too expensive and extravagant.It is true that a single focal point in your ensemble can make a difference in your overall look. Too much of everything may ruin your wedding ensemble, so it's best to have something subtle and something bolder to have contrast.With that said, here are 5 tips on choosing bridal headpieces:
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1. Go vintageVintage accessories never go out of style, so ask your grandma, mom and aunts to lend you something old from their closet to accentuate your hairdo.Modern vintage designers add twists and turns to glamorous beads, crystals and pearls to create intricately designed hair pins, headbands and barrettes. It is best if you go for hand-made vintage hair accessories and headpieces because they are unique and different in a special way.
2. Decide on your hairdo and match it with appropriate headpieceTiaras are still "in" and many women would love to wear them during their wedding. The best thing to do if you want a tiara as your headpiece is to have a hair stylist help your with your wedding hair style. Once you have decided on the right hairdo,wedding jewelryyou make take photos and use them to get the right tiara for you to wear on your wedding day.
3. Accentuate with crystalsHairstyle always have something to do with the success of your headpiece, so make sure to tell your hairstylist that there's a specific style of hairdo that you like. Pearls used to be the on top of the list of hair accents for brides, but these days it's crystals. Swarovski is the most common and popular type of crystals that can be used in almost any fashion jewelry or attire. In this case, you may use crystals to stud your hair with.
4. Glam with headbands and unique accessoriesHeadbands are so in right now and they come in various forms; being the multiple bands the more popular among celebs and fashion models. Multiple headbands with bling, made of silver or gold can add a glamorous effect on your entire ensemble.You may also use headbands with additional attachments such as flowers with beads or real precious stones. Other unique pieces such as those that are studded with diamonds, flowers with pearls and precious stones and feather combs can add elegance and drama.
5. Choose the right headpiece for the shape of your faceIt is best to look for headpieces that will complement and accentuate your headpieces
For oval-shaped faces, tiaras work their best. For longer faces, headbands are the best headpieces since they help cut the length of the face.No matter what headpiece you choose, it's best that you know your hairstyle first since it should complement the headpiece that will go with your entire outfit and look. Remember that this is your day and you are the star of the occasion.

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