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PET bottles recycling system

To explain all the aspects of the problem we are in need of 2,568,985 webpages and a lifetime to write all of them therefore this is a brief resume of the entire story.

Prior to going in details and ask for an offer, you need to understand two things very well:

First is you should state the quality degree of the flakes you need to have at the end.

Second, only by purchase, may be the known fact you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money.

And this is what it means:

For instance a flake, very good for fibres application, can contain 20 PPM of glue and, if this is actually the quantity, your customer will be very happy.

The same material with 10 PPM of glue will be good also, after pelletizing and SSP, for bottles application.

Hence, the difference is 10 PPM equal to 0,001% - Got the point ?

Actually this is not the only real difference because, again, the matter is a bit more complicated, but offers you an idea of what we're discussing.

At the end, the big difference stays also in the cost to get one quality versus another.

If you require a good bottle to bottle quality washing line, the quantity you'll read in the last page will never have less than six zeros, and you're lucky if first number is a 1, while for less quality the true number can be shorter, not to mention the difference in operating costs.

This "small" difference will also effects the composition of the line in other sections.

Sorting, this is the very first part of the relative line, must be perfect, meaning zero PVC, PS, PA or perhaps other plastics cannot reach the granulator because following this true point these double screw extruder plastics cannot be recognized and removed. (yes, it could but is much too expensive)

Then, flakes head to air-separators to remove detached labels and some of the dirt, pre-washing, separation simply by sink-float tanks, the washing process, rinsing that's is going to be another very important step of the process and final drying.

When you got all this, you're half of the way to complete the create.

In fact you got flakes clean to the bone with caustic soda solution, detergents and each one of these nutrients, that's actually pretty easy to feed to the line and, as a result, you need to remove it.

Water filtration is therefore as important because the washing line itself.

An excellent filtration system(s) is why is the line to execute well, and contain costs, also because in cases like this, we are discussing hot water therefore energy costs are participating as well.

Next step would be to transform your flakes into clear pellets upgrading the product quality to the very best.

To know more relating to this, go to SSP webpage where is writeen likewise how to avoid the conventional SSP and get the same or better top quality without slimming down and obtain it FDA approved.

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