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Since the construction of the very first material handling system in 1958, we have extended our tradition of innovation and craftsmanship to the enormous challenge of plastics recycling. As a service provider of 1 of the world's virtually all comprehensive lines of material handling equipment, our plant design team's broad-based skills has made Useon a leading designer of automated plastics recycling plants. We integrate engineered solutions into existing recycling plants, along with design and construct complete new services.

When you choose a plastic recycling equipment from Useon you won't be obtaining a recycling solution predicated on a system design and equipment from a single manufacture. We design flexible recycling systems utilizing only the best recycling machinery for the work - where every machine is uniquely designed for its intended twin screw extrusion job based on the results of examination and years of encounter. Our granulators meet the scrap reclamation needs of the plastics market, from small runners and sprues, to large finished parts. With our equipment, the reclamation and reprocessing of plastic material can save you money, time, capital and landfill space.

Using our very own proprietary CAD tools and relying on the hundreds of hours we allocated to the development of an advanced CAD system, the Useon team shall select and design the appropriate level of automation for your plant recycling system. Whether you need only a simple PLC-established controller or a networked factory automation system, Useon will engineer your recycling system for fast, reliable and trouble-free operation.

You can count on Useon for a complete range of recycling solutions, from grinding rubber, plastic, and aluminium, to separating metals, dust, and fines, flake washing, float separating, conveying, repelletizing, and storage. Alongside one another, our plant design staff and proprietary CAD tools why don't we create a recycling solution that is cost effective, productive, and reliable.

So whether you're working with HDPE, PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, foamed polystyrene, or other plastics, the plastic is possessed by us recycling equipment for you.

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