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Insanity WorkoutI have a friend, who is advanced worker, he also a "flying trapeze”. BScs because travel business, so his luggage is always very few, but no matter how simple, travel bag always packs his slow running shoes. Trip to any city, in addition to working, his first attention to where to running. Normally, he runs thousands meters every day that is a big habit with his wife words-" the people like to taking yourself a smelly sweat ".

To be frank, I admire him, not only he physical fitness is super good, but also he has perseverance spirit. Of course, he is funny. Round of my friend, he is only unique.

However, I have a trend to following him .In Company, our labor unions have set up insanity workoutgroup, and it has kinds of fitness class. We have a big gym, summer have air conditioning, central heating in winter. Now I am member of them.

Before, I am a channel-surfing person after working at home. Oddly enough I gained weight when I wasn’t eating and I am hoping to lose and healthy. I choose insanity workout because it both have nutrition plan and the cardio intensive weight loss. After workoutevery time, i fall into satisfaction and have good mood. If not, I fall into bad mood all day, it like to I lost money or spirit. Doctor said addicted sports are sick too.

It is said that sports can stimulate secretion of epinephrine, make a person excited; other it can promote the secretion of chemical substances ,whose in the human body plays a role of messenger of exciting. Final ,exercise can also promote a brain reward system of open the secretion of chemical substances, which makes people want to recreate pleasant feeling, eating chocolate, coffee, drinking and use illegal narcotics also can produce the effect.

Scientists have seriously points out, is found that the amount of exercise every day more than three times as much as the average amount of exercise of mice, the dull than normal mice, so exercise addiction must be overcome.

     Insanity Workout DVD      Insanity Workout P90X
                 Insanity Workout DVD                                       Insanity Workout P90X

             No other workout on DVD is really as intense, as brutal, and offers the kind of results the INSANITY Workout does. Shaun T has come up with a 2 month workout regimen that will push you past your boundaries, which will test not only your muscles however your willpower, and get you: how badly do you want to get ripped? Made up of a punishing mixture of calisthenics, plyometrics, cardio, core work, and sports drills. the Insanity Workout will blast every ounce of fat out of your body and leave you in a pool of your sweat. This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen: look no farther if you would like the best in extreme workouts. The Insanity Workout is made up of a series of interlocking workouts that are performed six days per week. Each emphasizes a different facet of Shaun T-s MAX Interval training workouts, so you are constantly cycling through different amounts of intensity for every body part and system. MAX Interval Training is Shaun T's brainchild, and also the secret behind the Insanity Workout. Classic Interval Training is made up of brief bursts of intensity with long breaks among, but Shaun T has been doing the opposite, so that you work out at the max for long amounts of time, and are only given short breaks. Sound insane? It is-and so might be the results!

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