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4e953403a535112102011.jpgHi i’m Agnes.


I’m 11 years old, and turn 12 in January.

In my spare time, I’m going to soccer and handball

I live with my mom, my dad and my little sister Frida. We live in Viborg.

Little info about me: It is quite different what I hear, I like to listen to music in the radio. My favourite food is home made pizza Mmmm…

My best friend are also called Agnes, she is really sweet and the best friend in the world!


In 2009 I was in Iceland, where I was with Bríet Bra,

It was so nice!

We were at the fish factory, and the swimmingpool. I was also with Bríet Bra for soccer. My dad, my grandma and I, lived at the ski resort.


I’m just so excited to see you all up there


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