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Attractions in Viborg


 In Viborg, we can offer plenty of attractions. Eg a lot of hotels, the cathedral and a lot of statues, such as Erik of Pomerania, Sct. Apolonia & Erik Ejegod. It is also possible to get out and see the Franciscan Monastery, Asmild Abbey & Mary Monastery. You also have the opportunity to see the view over our two great lakes, and Søndersø Nørresø. Viborg has lots of beautiful scenery, such as the nature around the castle violence, lace Nordic and our beautiful Latin Garden. In we have only two Land Courts, Baltic High Court and the Western High Court. In Viborg is Western High Court.


The Latin Garden                The Cathedral                        

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                                   Magrethe first


                                  Erik of Pomerania                              

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