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Flags means "Danes tab" and is the oldest national flag. According to legend, fell down from heaven, 15 June 1219. The flag has been in common use since the late Middle Ages onwards.

Since the 1500-century legend of Dannebrog been associated with the Battle of Lyndanise in Estonia, 15 June 1219 (Valdemar), where the Danes won control of northern. The legend tells that Estonians attacked the Danish camp, though these otherwise previously had expressed wanting to submit to the Danes and go over to the Christian faith. The Danes were hard-pressed, and only because the archbishop Anders Sunesen stretched his hands in prayer to heaven, to defeat at first prevented. Eventually, however, was archbishop so exhausted that he could not keep his arms up anymore and it seems that Estonians would defeat Valdemar Victorious Army. At this moment, a red cross banner have fallen from heaven, and have given the Danes victory.
The legend was in its older form either attached to Lyndanise or year the 1219th Instead we have two different representations from early 1500-century, from an older source link legend of Dannebrog falling from the sky into a battle in 1208 at Felin in Estonia. One of these authors wrote in a comment that it really took place in 1219. And since it's been said that the Danish flag fell from the sky in 1219.


                                     Flag COLOURS: RED AND WHITE

The red color symbolizes love and the white symbolizes peace4fb3487419eba16052012.jpg


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