FBC - Emma


Hello my name is Emma. I am 11 years old. I live in Frederic’s it is a city in Denmark
in my spare time I go to cheerleader
Cheerleading is a sport amrikansk
One uses it to cheer on the team's city
I have many animals
I have, for example. A rabbit
She is a girl and her name Cirkeline
It is very cute
I also have two dogs
One is megt small but sweet its race is pengeser
The other is very large it is also nice that race is Bovie des Flanders
I have not always gone on southern school
But now I am here and I am glad
I like to jump on the trampoline
I came into a good class
Every morning I take the bus to and from school
I have many siblings
I have three big brothers and sisters
And two storbrøder
And a little sister
My parents are not divorced
I am looking forward to visit you
Greetings Emma J…..

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