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The Lakes In Viborg


We have 2 large lakes in Viborg. They're called Søndersø and Nørresø. They lie up of each other. Around Søndersø is t="on" ProductID="5.6 km">5.6 km. And around Nørresø is 5.4. There are some different races around the lakes, but most races around Søndersø. The largest of the races are 24-hour race. For 24-hour race is a whole lot of companies and private families. So to make teams where you have to run around the lake alternately at 24-hours. So there are some that run at night. There is also Søndersø race. It is also quite popular. It's just where you need to run around the lake once. There is also much activity around, especially Søndersø on normal weekdays. The year 2011 was chosen as this year's Abandoned sports municipality.
In Nørresø there is a boat called Magrethe first, sailing with tourists.
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