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Giant Rubber Duck Floats Down the River Thames

In response, the website made a determination to launch a contest in order to supply advantages regarding Britons whom submitted probably your most entertaining as well as wacky suggestions to assist people, "take life just a new little bit much less seriously."

The starting point has been floating the duck, together with bright red lips, along the Thames, as well as obtaining the Tower Bridge's drawbridge raised therefore it could pass through.

"2012 really may be the year with the River Thames with just about all the Jubilee Pageant, the particular floating Olympic rings along with David Beckham jetting to the ceremony through speedboat," British actress Barbara Windsor, a FUNdation spokesperson, said, according for the UPI.


Londoners whom did any double-take whilst bustling about the area yesterday had good reason. "We chose to round off the year with the giant duck and it certainly cheered every person up no-one could suppress the smile as they saw it sailing past."

Interested, and humorous, Britons may submit their entertaining suggestions about the FUNdation's Facebook http://www.bing.com/ page, after which hope that they will get possibly "FUNding" to adhere to via with their idea or possibly a cash reward with regard to executing it.

. There was obviously a click fish, in other words the duck, out of water.

Spotted floating along the city's River Thames would end up being a giant yellow rubber duck, a 50-foot-tall publicity stunt intended to give residents an excellent laugh.

The duck had been reportedly sent down the Thames on the barge simply by Jackpotjoy.com, a premier gambling web site inside the U.K., to promote its newly-launched FUNdation that, "grants FUNds regarding daft ideas!," according to its website.

The Jackpotjoy FUNdation was launched following a poll commissioned by the site found that Victoria Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson, Tom Cruise and Madonna topped the list in the least-fun celebrities

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