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Almost everyone entertains company from time to time. Whether it be your in-laws your college friends or a foreign exchange student make sure your home is prepared with a beautiful guest room to greet warehouses anyone who visits.

With it's fluid animations and easy back-drops, leaps off the screen like a digital dream. This game places the silhouette of a little boy in a world of snapping traps, rising flood levels and the always deadly threat of gravity. It's a puzzle platform to a minimum. As you trek through forests and industrial warehouse communications, you'll encounter new props & life forms that won't cease to delight.

The latest development of laptops is the netbook. This is a small version of a laptop. These started out as novelties because they did not have the power of a full computer. Now, however, they have been given speed and storage space so that they can compete and often beat laptops. It is a matter of opinion, however. While they are small and light, they have a small keyboard and screen. Some people say they "fat finger" when they type. Also, the smaller screen is inconvenient for programs that fill screen.

Last night's episode of "storage hunters" was filmed in Sun Valley, Calif. and drew a big crowd, including Desert Dan, who returned to give Brandon and Lori a run for their money. This episode is titled, "Torching the Competition" and the auctioneer is Sean Kelly, who keeps law and order and gives interesting handles to newcomers.

Adding new floors can up your house value by about 20 percent. This is a bit of an investment but after you enjoy your money's worth out of the flooring in your home, and if you decide to move you are 20 percent richer.

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