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Hyperhidrosis: Scarring disease affecting millions of people

Hyperhidrosis is such disease, in which the victim yields sweat immensely and profusely. The people afflicted with this disease sweat even when the atmosphere around them is cool or when they are taking rest, enjoying their slumber or taking siesta. This disease can affect any part of the body but the most affected part of the body are groin, armpits, feet and hands because of maximum presence of sweat glands in these parts. This disease is classified into two types. First one is primary Hyperhidrosis and second one is secondary Sweaty palms. This disease may be either acquired or congenial. Primary Hyperhidrosis starts during the time of puberty or before whereas secondary Hyperhidrosis start during any phase of life. Secondary Hyperhidrosis may also develop due to malfunctioning of gout, tumors or pituitary glands.

The cause of Hyperhidrosis is sympathetic overactiviy like excitement or nervousness, which can aggravated the situation for most of the sufferers. The most important symptom of this disease is wetness. The tests, which are included for diagnosing this disease, are as follows:

Paper test: This test involves placing of a peculiar type of paper on the affected part of the body of the victim for absorption of the sweat and then later it is weighed. If the paper weighs heavier then there is a greater chance of accumulation of the sweat.

Starch iodine test: During this test, the solution of iodine is applied on the affect part of the body. After its drying up, the starch is spread on the affected part. The combination of starch-iodine changes the dark blue color where there is greater amount of sweat.

This disease can be effectively controlled by many means like medications, surgical procedures and non-surgical non medical treatments. The chemical compound, known as Aluminum chloride is often used as antiperspirants. These antiperspirants help prevent the unreasonable sweating of the body. It is a tedious treatment and many take at least three to four days to give good results. Surgical procedures involve destruction or removal of sweat gland. There are numerous methods for removal of sweat gland like axillary liposuction, retrodermal curettage, sweat gland suction etc. Non surgical procedures involve a balanced application of microwave energy by means of a hand-held unit for heating sweat glands and destroying them by the process of thermolysis.

In conclusion, Click here is a scarring disease, which affects individuals irrespective of age and sex. There are many options for its treatment. Surgical, non-surgical and antiperspirants can cure this disease completely. The condition requires certain preventions and abstinence.

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