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 Here we love Jesse McCartney and his things, and we love to read other people's work, and respect them for sharing it. We all know we're not alike, and we have our different oppinions and we let them have it. So if there is something a person wrote and you're not agreeing to it, and have this huge need to write a stupid sarcastic answer, shut it. Nobody likes a half sarcastic, stupid, half angry, and really irritating answer or comment anyway.

 If you have a story you want to have posted on this webside, please leave a comment and i'll contact you as quick as possible. If you want to take credit for your story your first name and ONLY your first name will appear under the headline, where the writers name stands. If it so happens you wont, anonymous will be standing instead. Changes can be made on this subject however, IF you you leave a comment on the wish.

 I have a few ground rules i would like to keep, so please try and behave your age instead of 5.

 The rules are:

  • Behave nicely. Any kind of harrasing will be deleted immediatly. No exeptions!
  • Keep you angry and/or sarcastic comments to yourself. No one wants to read them anyway. If it so happens ou should dump such shit here anyway it will be deleted, so it's basically it's a waste of time, writing them.
  • Spam of any kind wont be tolerated, and will also be deleted immediatly. Waste of time.

Please keep these rules. if you have anything contact me and we'll get through it.

Thank you for reading the stories on this site.

   - Nancy

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