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Essential Tips When Getting Car Insurance


In the UK, car insurance is a legal requirement. You cannot drive your car unless you have car insurance. Apart from being a legal requirement, car insurance also gives you that sense of security while driving. You can be sure that you have an insurance that will cover the expenses should you get involved in an accident – be it your fault or not. I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right insurance that meets your needs. I don’t want you to end up with a deal that’s as good as useless so I am here to give you essential tips that will ultimately lead you to the right choice.

Types of Car Insurance Policy

So there are three types of car insurance policy.

If you mistakenly “parked” into your neighbour’s garden shed or bumped someone else’s car and you injured both the driver and the car and you want your car insurance to take care of the costs, third party car insurance is what you need.

Your car could catch fire or be stolen. If you also want to be protected from those possibilities, third party, fire and theft is the option. Its scope of coverage is same as the third party only plus the fire and theft coverage.

If you want an insurance that would also cover for your own injuries or for your car’s damage, fully comprehensive car insurance will provide you the coverage you want. Note that it will also cover third party injury and damage, fire and theft costs.


Car Insurance Costs Ultimately Depends On You

This is because car insurance companies use factors that are applicable to you such as your age, gender, car make and location among others. For example, if you are young then the car insurance provider will think that you are likely to make a claim because of your inexperience. If you own a car that is expensive, repairing or replacing it will naturally be expensive as well and so the provider will definitely charge you higher for that. If you want accurate quotes, just visit

Your own personal circumstance is the number one thing you must keep in mind before you enter into an insurance contract. What cover can and can’t you afford? That’s the question you should be asking yourself. For example, if you only have a third party car insurance and your car caught fire and you know that you don’t have the immediate money to fix or replace it, then what will happen to you? So as much as possible, don’t just get insurance just so you can met the minimum requirements. Think of what you can when you’re caught in a situation that would require quick money. 

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