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Cooking Aprons did you know you could order them online


I was creating another Hub here on HubPages about my delicious hamburger recipe and mentioned in it about wearing an apron while barbecuing. Well I gas grills on sale gasgrill247 don t wear apron s myself when barbecuing or wearing them for anything else for that matter but then I got to thinking about them so I did a bit of surfing and actually found some pretty cool looking aprons for gentlemen and for women. But I only thought the men s were cool honest.


After finding some cool aprons I thought hey! Maybe I should snag one just because you only live once and why not own a darn apron for barbecuing. Then I started thinking that my buddy gas grills on sale s birthday was coming up in about a month and he likes to barbecue so why not order him one. It is a great gift idea I thought. They are reasonably priced and something very different at least in my world. Amazon has a bunch of different ones to choose from. Who knows maybe I will even order one up for the father in law. 

What kinds are available?


There are actually many different types of aprons available for you to pick from. Some of my favorites that I found and the one I am placing an order for are all available to order on Amazon.com I am placing the links on my page to make it easier for you to pick your favorite.

They have the classic tuxedo print apron. I had a t-shirt when I was younger that had a tuxedo print on it which was pretty cool I must say. Alas that was not my favorite this time. There are also many different sayings on aprons now to and those ones really caught my eye. Be nice to me or I ll poison your food now that one is funny ha-ha.

Or gas grills on sale how about the one that says Will cook for sex not that is very funny. What guy wouldn t? But I have to tell you my favorite was the New Cornerstone black apron with 3 pockets, one for each beer. I think it is very stylish and I won t offend anyone with a funny saying, particularly my wife. Just remember one thing and you will do fine just like me. Repeat after me, happy wife happy life. Got it? Happy wife happy life. Okay let s move on.

Speaking of happy wife


Why not get an apron for the woman who enjoys firing up the barbecue once in a while. I know that the barbecue is usually a man s domain but let s face it if you want a great meal once in a while you should step aside and let the woman in your world show you what she can do on the grill.

For the women there are some nice aprons available particularly the chalk stripe bib apron with pockets. It is your choice though I am only giving suggestions.

Don t forget the little one s in your life

If you have children you know how they love to copy mommy or daddy so why not get them their own apron and let them help along. It will only benefit you because you know that once they are big enough you can send them out to do all the barbecuing while you sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Okay that is a far stretch because why would you let your child take over your duties and spoil your fun of going outside and enjoying some fresh air and hopefully a nice cold beer at the same time. So I guess we are back to just letting them help. I have to remember that a barbecue is a man s domain. Shame on me :)

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