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I kid around with my friend who's gluten intolerant that Zest Bakery San Carlos is like her Willy Wonka land. Everything here looks delicious, and I can speak to the Elm sandwich (vegan) and vegan oreos and brownies, along with the vegetarian almond cake which is to die for!
I wish they had more vegan options, but when I asked if they'd ever have fake sliced turkey or something else similar to Tofurky sandwich meat, I was told probably not because a lot of their customers are allergic to soy. The woman did say that they were looking into a vegan, soy-free cheese, though. I personally rather have the fake meat since I find a lot of vegan cheeses kinda gross, but who knows if that'll ever happen.

I asked for their special order cupcake/cake form and besides their almond cake and cream cheese & fondant frostings, anything can be ordered vegan.
A few things that could use improvement is a bigger seating area, although Zest Bakery San Carlos's a given for the petite space, and an easier way to access the free ice water. The water's in the cooler closest to the door, but it's impossible to get fill your cup without wasting energy b/c you have to keep the door open and without accidentally spilling from the awkward angle of the spout.

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