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Let's not beat around the bush Sofitel San Francisco Bay Redwood City:

The Yays (thumbs up):
Very comfortable beds (I mean, very!)
Very friendly staff
Nice eggs benedict in the restaurant - which overall has fair prices.
5 star lobby
Free parking
Keurig coffee in your room

The Nays (thumbs down):

Noisy, noisy, noisy. I stayed in a standard room. Each time someone on my floor lets the door shut, an earthquake shatters through the hallway. Rooms can be connected through a double door - your neighbor's private life crawls underneath it into your room. Expect it to be the other way around too. Fortunately this is not a party-hotel (during the week).

Limited TV. When in the bay area, TV is of course unnecessary. Those who want TV should expect a limited selection of channels (no Showtime, no AMC, limited HBO) programmed on a sluggish TV set, on which changing channels takes as long as brewing a coffee or taking a call from your mother in law. And why are the first programmed channels always TV5Monde, France2 and other French stuff that 99.99% of the visitors will skip anyway... That Sofitel (French brand) oddity is an annoyance for those that do not understand French (not me by the way).

There's only a tiny chilly outside pool. Swimming is not really an option Sofitel San Francisco Bay Redwood City. They should not advertise this as much as they do.

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