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If you have ever owned a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile phone, you would have undoubtedly wanted to customize your piece of hardware with interesting wallpapers. Don't know what a wallpaper is?

Well, when you power up your computer or mobile, it is the background of the screen. For example, the standard windows background will have a nice blue feel to it, and mobile phones usually have a few pre- installed Desktop Wallpaper that you can use. But let's say that you wanted to go one step further and make your computer or mobile phone look extra trendy?


Well now you can. First, you need to make sure of your computer's screen size. On your Windows XP desktop, you just right click with your mouse, and scroll down the list and select 'Properties.' Once the window opens, you will have a few choices available at the top for you like, 'Themes, Desktop, Screensaver, Appearance, Settings.' Click on the 'Settings' tab and look at the slider on the left where it says: Screen Resolution. Smaller laptops and older screens of 17 inches or less still use 1024 by 768 pixels. This means that you free desktop wallpaper should be the same size so it looks good as your background. Don't worry, if it says a different size as monitors of different sizes will have different screen resolutions. This is just for your own knowledge, so you don't choose a Free Wallpaper that is too small or too big. Once you know your resolution, next you will need to decide what type of background do you want?

If you are sitting in your office at work and want to project a professional image, then your best bet is to look for a Wallpaper that is not overly bright in color, yet portrays a bit of a modern approach. Perhaps Landscape desktop wallpapers, or even IT/Technology wallpapers would suit the computer well.

If you are sitting at home and just want something fun and cool, consider searching for 3D desktop wallpapers or even cartoon wallpapers. If you have kids and they like Pokemon or even Yu-Gi-Oh!', then you can find hundreds of amazing and free desktop wallpapers. There are literally dozens of categories and if you want to be even more specific, search for your favourite actor or actress like 'Damon Salvatore desktop wallpaper.'

So what are you waiting for, go grab yourself a free desktop wallpaper of your choice!
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