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The experience left a "bad taste" in my mouth!

Had a reservation for four people on a Wednesday evening. Before we were seated, I advised the woman at the hostess stand, Iris, one of my friends wouldn't be making it. She immediately asked if we'd mind sitting at a (side) table in the bar Piacere San Carlos. I told her we didn't want to sit in the bar & wanted a regular table.

We waited a bit & then were escorted by Iris to a small table in the back which was up against a curtain that separated the kitchen from the dinning area. I explained to her the table was too small (it was the same size as the one in the bar - for two people maybe) & asked to be seated at one of the nearby larger tables. Iris told us the other tables were already reserved for parties of four & we could NOT have one. When I reminded her I had made a reservation for four, she curtly replied "You are only three people now & cannot have one of those tables." Piacere San Carlos

We contemplated leaving & going to the restaurant (Town) across the street but it was full. So, we stayed. After watching a couple of the larger tables sit empty for over a half an hour, we asked to speak with the manager to complain about the treatment from Iris. Turns out, Iris was the manager. She barely heard us out & couldn't have cared less about our negative experience. Her attitude was the worst. She even rolled her eyes!

The food was just ok - nothing special. The server was descent.

San Carlos has many wonderful restaurants. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!! Spend your money elsewhere!

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