KANGAROO - The Kangaroo


When the kangaroo move slowly,its able to jump 1-2 meters. When the kangaroo move fast, its able to jump 8-10 meters.

When the kangaroo is jumping, it can chance direction by bangging its tail into the ground. The tail is like a third leg, when the kangaroo is sitting down



The kangaroo are the worlds biggest marsupial. The male are 130-160 cm high.  The male kangaroos fur are thick and close. The female is 85-105 cm high. The tail on the male is about 100-120 cm long and the female tail is about 65-85 cm long. The tail helps the kagaroo to keep the balance when it jumps.

The weight on the male is about 55 kilo and the female is about 30 kilo.

The red Kangaroos fur is thick and close. The male is redbrown fur and the female got gray fur.


The kangaroo got 4 nippels and a purse where the cub sits in almost eight months. The purse is made of a fold of skin whit hair on.



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