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OMG!!! Oracle Cafe 300 Redwood City is NOT ONLY my favorite Oracle Cafe... this is just about the best company cafeteria food EVER!!! The best part is that this place comes off like a classy European Cafe rather than...well...a cafeteria! I LOVE their pasta bar, antipasto choice, pizza, crepes, grill, full espresso bar and ESPECIALLY DESSERTS!!! OMG!!! TONS of desserts for all you sweet tooth types!!! They have a professional baker on site and if you need a cake for a special occasion, you can set an appointment to meet with the baker to design the cake!

And yes, they do NOT check for badges to go into the Cafe!!! My coworkers and I go there regularly (well, when I'm not stuck at the office eating leftovers at my desk...

If you work at or near Oracle HQ, RUN, don't walk... to Oracle Cafe 300 Redwood City for lunch!!! HELL, I'll have to find some time to escape from my desk and go have lunch here!!! smiley.gif

ETA: The best part is... you don't have to BE an employee to enjoy this cafeteria!!! The security guard only guards the elevator going up to the office and NOT to the cafeteria. So no, you don't have to work for Oracle to go here!!! I'm not an employee of Oracle and Larry Ellison/Oracle didn't pay me a DIME to post this (but they probably should...) tongue.gif

I also bought chocolate from the confectioner area yesterday!!! It's DELISH...and cute looking too!!! tongue.gif~~

Bon appetit!!! smiley.gif

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