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(1) The staff is always really friendly and personable. I used to come in Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill Redwood City like it was going out of style for quite a while, but now I'm there maybe once every two or three months. And the waitresses still remember me.

(2) The food is always tasty. The menu options are always changing, but the quality doesn't.

(3) You feel satisfied just having an appetizer. Or with me, a smoothie. I had a Bananna Berry Smoothie today, and it was so light and refreshing! I'm not a fruits and veggies guy, but I really enjoyed it.

(4) It really Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill Redwood City your neighborhood grill. Like other Applebee's I've been to, there are items on the walls that reflect the town you're in. Here there are Stanford jerseys, 49er posters, etc. PLUS, there are tons of photos in the front vestibule depicting the community itself. And, uhh, yours truly is in four photos. Yeah, I know. I'm sooo coool. ;)

It's not the best chain in the world, but its good, and consistently so.

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