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How To Make Love - Best Love Making Tips From Women Who Know

Women come to this website I run every single day and basically tell me comment bien baisser. They answer lots of sex related questions and tell me what they like, what they don't and basically what their idea of great sex is. In this article, I want to share with you a couple of the best tips and takeaways from those survey answers.

How To Make Love Tip 1 - Pay Attention!

When I ask these women for their best sex tips, one of the most popular is to pay attention to your girls reactions and let this be your guide.

Way too many men get this wrong and it comes back time and time again as a major complaint from women.

If you've gotten your girl into a position that she's obviously enjoying, keep in mind that it's not only the position, but also the speed and motion your thrusting at that's about to get her off.

A lot of guys notice their girl is really enjoying what he's doing and because it's normal for us to pursue her climax, we start thrusting faster and harder thinking that it's going to make her cum quicker. The fact is that this often ruins your chances at giving her an orgasm because it was the position along with your rhythm that was driving her wild.

If you see you woman is really into something that you're doing, stick with it!

Also, do it again. When you've found that position/angle/foreplay or whatever it is that's driving her wild... use it again the next time you're with her.

Now you should always make sure you're switching things up every once in a while and adding some variety to your love life but if she really likes something in particular, store that into your memory and use it again in the future.

You can always ask her how to make it even better for her and this brings us to...

How To Make Love Tip 2 - Communicate in bed!

This is another regular comment I get from women on my "survey site".

They say things like "talk to your partner about your fantasies" and "ask her what she likes".

Sensual communication is huge in the bedroom and it is a must have if you want to truly please your girl.

The most sexually satisfied lovers in the world talk about their sex lives and through the talking, they teach each other what they like and want to try out.

This can be a very difficult thing to do for a lot of couples and the one big tip I have for you if you're in this situation, is start small.

If you've been having silent sex for the last 15 years with the same woman, don't all of a sudden start talking nasty to her. Begin by just moaning and groaning more and when she's doing something you like, say "baby it feels amazing when you do that".

These simple tips on how to make love will greatly improve your sex life when you bring them into the bedroom with you.

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