KidnapTheBrian<3 - Lily White xD!!

Hello, Human!

I'm Lily White, Brian Hugh Warner's (AKA MARILYN MANSON) Cat! :D

I'm sweet, nice, hot, and course white (:


This is picture's of me and dad.


Me and dad.



Me and a very pretty picture xD



Me and dad.


About White:

Well, my name is Lily White. I like the name, ya :D. I'm three years old and i like to eat Dad's cookies (SHH! it's a secret).. hehe.. I have two brothers. Their name's is Mr. B and Lucky. Their nice, but Dad loves meee!! not them. I think. hehe. I like food. I looove meat :D. Dad is very sexy.. mi-aarv :D. lol. lmao. roflmao. lolroflmaosick. My favorite song by Dad is Putting Holes in Happiness i think. Well, that's it. Mail me!! :D








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