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How to Clean Vintage Jewelry
After sourcing vintage jewellery for several years, I have to claim that the patina and dullness of a piece actually interests me. I understand for many the requirement to see the piece shine in their former glory can be as thrilling since the initial find, but each perceived flaw, blemish or scuff if you ask me, tells a tale with the life it's led.

Stating that, even modern jewellery can deal with a clear every now and again and also the first thing I really do is look at the piece throughout to ensure that all of the catches and stones if there are any are intact. When the piece has claw settings, just check them to see they're sound.

Next, an excellent little advice is by using a small bowl rather than the sink to scrub your jewellery. This really is simple really as many a diamond ring or earring has been lost on the plughole. This is especially useful if some of the stones really are a little wobbly as though the dirt and compacted dust has been helping keep your stone in position, a minimum of you still possess the stone to reset sat at the end from the bowl!

A good thing I find is warm soapy water and that i use just household dishes liquid. If there are some particularly stubborn components of grime tucked in, once the item has soaked for some time you should use an old softheaded toothbrush to carefully clean the jewellery. You'll be amazed with the results I'm certain. Enable the item to soak for a time and you will see a sparkle return in to the jewellery.

If you have gold which includes tarnished which silver has a tendency to do by its very nature, a soft rubbing cloth brings a gorgeous shine in almost no time. In the event the vintage bridal jewellery  is silver plated, then more caution is suggested so you don't rub off the silver, as this will detract from your piece.

If for more stubborn staining, a silver cream cleaner can do the key nicely. They're easily obtainable on the high street and can aid in getting the sheen you are searching for inside a relatively short period of time with minimum effort.

As with all vintage jewellery, each perceived scratch, blemish or mark is simply another story behind the life span that this piece has seen. So whatever you do, enjoy vintage jewellery, it has a quality sometimes that is superior than modern jewellery plus an age-old beauty all of its own

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