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Kirkegaard Stutteri & Sportsstald (Kirkegaard Stud farm & Sportsstable) is a danish breeder of high quality hanoverians and akhal-teke.
We aim for achieving lines of beautiful, high performing, race typical horses. Most of all we just love the animals. It is important to us that our horses thrive and get the best care. Therefor our horses are in close contacts with the staff during the day, they are kept properly exercised, they are never bred or pushed excessively and they are only sold after carefully assuring that their future owners will make their well-being the highest priority. Following the same philosophy, elderly horses that can no longer be used for competition or breeding, will never be given away randomly for adoption, but will get to spend their retirement in our loving care, unless a unique new owner shows special interest in welcoming a retired star to their home as a family pet.
Our facilities include a large stable, a huge main appartment (on top of the stable) and an annex for employers to live in. On top of that, we have five big turnouts and a training facility with dressage arena and showarena.


Sir Patrick Kirkegaard - Co-owner


Patrick comes from a noble family and grew up on a big, beautiful estate. As most blue-blooded danes, he grew up with horses and could almost ride his own pony as soon as he could walk. Even though he grew up surrounded by luxury, his farther always reminded him that he wouldn't amount to anything without establishing himself and working hard to reach his own goals. This stuck with Patrick, and he's a hard worker, with a flair for studying and a down to earth attitude. Still, there's no denying his charming personality and he tends to make friends easily.
Daniel is also a passionate trainer, who loves to work with the horses to train them to their maximum potential, and who hopes to achieve a succesful career in Show-jumping with the beautiful mare KSS Queen For A Day.
Patrick is happily married to Daniel, whom he owns Kirkegaard Stutteri & Sportsstald with.

Daniel Kirkegaard - Co-owner


It wasn't in the cards that Daniel was to become a horse breeder and trainer. He grew up in the inner Copenhagen, far from the countryside. His delicate exterior and sensitive personality got him bullied a lot in the tough ghetto-environment, but instead of crumbling under the pressure, he decided to leave the city and seek the tranquility in Appaloosa Plains. Here, he made friends who liked him as he was, and he met Patrick, the love of his life, who he would later marry and build Kirkegaard Stutteri & Sportsstald with.
Daniel shares Patricks passion for show-jumping and trains KSS Nordic Regent for his own competitions. He takes care of a lot of the practical work around the farm, but also trains horses for sales/for other riders.
Alysia Romano - Trainer


Alysia trains our racehorses and is otherwise responsible for the daily work with the Akhal-Tekes. She's a sweet, athletic girl, who loves horses and the nature more than anything. She's very easy for anyone to get along with.

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