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Our Liver - Its Function, Place, Disease and Treatment

The liver is not only the biggest internal organ but additionally the in the human physique. The liver performs a number of essential functions which are essential for our survival. This triangular shaped organ has four lobes, rests beneath the diaphragm, and weighs around 3.2 lb - 3.7 lb in a wholesome adult. The liver is protected from injury by the rib cage.

Two really essential blood vessels, namely the hepatic artery along with the portal vein are connected to the liver. The latter carries blood enriched with nutrients collected from the digestive method. Each blood vessels provide oxygen for the liver. Click here

Functions with the liver contain -

· Carbohydrate metabolism

· Fat metabolism


· Removal of toxins, bilirubin, drugs, hormones, and alcohol

· Production of cholesterol; 80% on the cholesterol is created in the liver

· Conversion of glucose into glycogen for storage

· Bile formation and excretion

· Storage of iron and hemoglobin processing

· Storage of vitamins A, D, K, and B12

The liver is susceptible to numerous conditions and conditions. Listed below are some of the situations that the liver is susceptible to -

· Alcoholic liver disease - It truly is triggered by overconsumption of alcohol. Circumstances that characterize alcoholic liver disease include fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and alcoholic hepatitis.

· Hepatitis - Characterized by inflammation on the liver and can be triggered by viruses, alcohol and toxins. It can bring about jaundice and loss of appetite.

· Key biliary cirrhosis - This is an autoimmune situation in which the bile ducts within the liver are progressively spifflicated. Symptoms incorporate jaundice, ascites, fatigue, itchy skin, and fat deposits beneath the skin.

· Budd-Chiari syndrome - This can be brought on when there is a blockage in the hepatic veins. Thrombosis with the veins or perhaps a clot may cause blockage. Symptoms contain discomfort inside the abdomen and ascites. It truly is challenging to attribute a lead to to this situation.

· Hereditary conditions - These include things like situations for example hemochromatosis and Wilson's illness. The former leads to excess of iron inside the body and also the later causes an accumulation of copper.

Signs and symptoms of liver illness consist of swelling inside the ankles and feet on account of lack of albumin. Pale stools, deep yellow colored urine, acquiring tired easily, nausea, appetite loss, fat reduction, yellowing of skin due to jaundice, and simple bruising are some of the symptoms of liver illness.

Diagnosis is carried out inside a quantity of ways like liver blood tests, stool tests, urine tests, liver biopsy, and abdominal ultrasound.

One of several finest methods to treat liver circumstances would be to make changes in life style so that the liver gets a chance for repair and rejuvenation. Go effortless on alcohol and smoking. Lose weight. Exercise. Hepatitis induced by viral infections is treated with anti-viral medication. Wilson's illness is treated by employing a drug that attaches together with the copper inside the physique plus the excess copper is excreted via the urinary tract. In most liver conditions, it's important that the cause be discovered out early adequate as a way to avoid damage to the organ.

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