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 Sewing could be considered as my interest and hobby. Well, my hubby would state that this is not an ideal hobby because I'd only strain myself. Aside from that he'd sometimes complain that my hobby is an expensive one because of the costly fabrics I use. Well, I choose to buy pricey fabrics for this is the only way I know to make top notch clothes. I do understand that it is not easy to get the fabric I want if I have limited money, which is why I choose to look for to get the best fabric I wish. Whenever I buy new fabrics, saving money becomes possible when I use fabric coupons. Hence, bulk buying has become a good idea for me, especially since I was able to save more. Buying in bulk is a good idea for me because I was able to stock all the fabrics I need.

 Although I was using coupons, I found myself wanting more. I was really surprised when my friend told me that I can use these coupons together with any current discount offering. This truly amazed me because it became possible for me to get a discount of 50 to 70 percent. When I buy in mass, the savings I can make is actually a lot. Yes, even my hubby was surprised when he saw how much I was able to save. At start, he'd question me concerning the way I was in a position to grab my hands on those amount of costly fabrics. I can’t help myself but grin when he found out that all the fabrics I have bought were all from the budget I have. He found it difficult to believe because he was expecting that all the fabrics I would buy are only the expensive ones.

 He was even deduced that the money he has given to me would not certainly reach that amount of fabrics. When I he was able to know how I did get such amount of fabric, the only thing he would said that it was the smartest thing for me to do. As of today, he strongly believes that using coupons is a win-win situation for us, which is why he'd help me in looking for coupons. Not only I am able to get more fabrics but also avoid spending more. Since, I have all the fabrics I want, sewing became much easier.
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