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Gastric Sleeve: A Quick Way to Lose Weight

If you are obese and tired of pointless crash diets and want to lose weight miraculously, then Sleeve gastrostomy popularly known as Gastric sleeve is the answer to your worries. 
Gastric Sleeve Procedure:

Bariatric surgery in Mexico. This technique removes a massive portion of your stomach and reduces it by 75%. It is carried out laparoscopic ally. 
The boundaries of the stomach are stapled together to create a sleeve which acts as your new stomach. The shape of the stomach transforms from a curvature to a thin banana shape to hold small quantity of food. 

This procedure does not require any bypass of intestines through the sleeve. This procedure removes a hormone in the stomach called Ghrelin which is known to arouse hunger thus reduces appetite. 

Pros and Cons of
Gastric Sleeve Surgery:
Surgeons recommend this procedure to overweight patients with BMI of more than 40. The reason is that other non-surgical weight loss methods like duodenal switch and lap band can have complications while this surgery is comparatively safer.

The results of this surgery are worth acknowledging. Within 12 months of this
Gastric Sleeve Surgery you lose up to 60% of extra fat. However, after the surgery you must take good care of yourself by exercising regularly and following a well-balanced diet. It is advisable to consume low fat food and avoid alcohol before and after the surgery. 
Besides being a remarkable weight loss treatment, it still has certain side effects which should be evaluated before you undergo this surgery. Some of the mild side effects are vomiting and dumping syndrome. 

Sometimes life threatening problems like cancer, bleeding, leakage and issues in esophagus may occur after the surgery. Thus advice from a well-qualified surgeon is recommendable so that the surgeon can guide you properly.

Nonetheless it is becoming popular with the passage of time as it success rate is high and many patients who have undergone Gastric sleeve surgery are happy with the results. 

For more info about gastric surgery in Mexico, visit our website.

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