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Album out now: LEGACY


Find it here:


Work in progress: Legacy Part 2 is out on SoundCloud: 


My new single is out on Bandcamp. Check it out here: 


My first full album "EVOLUTION" is finally out, on Bandcamp. Direct link here: 


My new single "LINK" is out now on iTunes:

Direct link here: 




My first album"GALAXY" is out now on iTunes!

Direct link here:



Watch"RISE" on Youtube: 

Watch "EVOLUTION 2+3" on Youtube:

Watch "LINK" on Youtube: 

Watch "Reentering" on Youtube:

Watch "Welcome To The Darkside" on Youtube:


Watch "ORBIT" video on Youtube:


Watch "Galaxy The Space Dolphin" video on Youtube:


 Youtube channel: MrLarsDF:





The NEW and final version of "RISE" is released on Bandcamp, as well as the video is out on Youtubesmiley.gif). The whole album will, hopefully, be out, late september...


Following tracks of mine is being played on : Black Hole, Galaxy the space dolphin, Link, Starchase and Orbit. thanks a lot to the radio equinoxe teamsmiley.gif).


Work in progress: Legacy Part 2 is out on SoundCloud. Please check it out and write your feedbacksmiley.gif The final version of the track will feature on my upcomming album (working title: Organic).


The new internet TV station: wants to air my "LINK" video smiley.gif. And Paul Nicholson from KRCB airs 5 of my tunes. Thanks allsmiley.gif)


Tonight at 8, my new single "LINK" will be played on RADIO-HAPPYsmiley.gif. Thanks a lot Yolande. It's a "World premier" ;-D.. My new video for my old tracks: EVOLUTION 2+3 is out on Youtube.


Tracks from my "EVOLUTION" album, will soon air on AII RADIO (Thanks Steven smiley.gif), and maybe later "EVOLUTION" would be "Album Of The Week". smiley.gif


My first full concept album "EVOLUTION" is out on Bandcampsmiley.gif


My SoundCloud profile is up and running. First track out, is the unreleased track "Evolution Part 3" from my 1999 album EVOLUTION. Check it out, it's VERY spacy ;-) 

@ 9:00 AM EST (6am PST - 9am EST - 2pm UK - 3pm CET)

THE ALBUM OF THE WEEK: "Galaxy" by LarsDF.

 Thanks a lot Steve smiley.gif))


Listen out for Bjørn Jeppesens radioshow "ELEKTROLAND" in the near future, for more music by LarsDF ;-) Thanks Bjørnsmiley.gif.


Tune in on tonight, for more music by LarsDF smiley.gif


Fantastic news today smiley.gif. My track "Release" has reached a 7th place amongst almost 1400 other tracks, voted by listeners at Astreaux World radiostation. Thank you so much to the voters, and Astreaux World, for playing my music smiley.gif Please visit

for more info and great music smiley.gif .




"LINK" full version will be on the radio in the near futuresmiley.gif Listen out for Yolande on and Steven Barber on smiley.gif.


Happy 2012smiley.gif. "LINK" is out on Spotify.



Added new snap's to the photo section. Please visit;-). And a HAPPY NEW YEAR from mesmiley.gif


Finally the video for my new single "LINK" is online. It's a black and white cartoon, about this little lonly alien, Link, and his search for his loved onesmiley.gif. Hope you enjoy it.


My new single "LINK" is out on iTunes (and others). The video is in the making, and hopefully online before newyear, so stay tuned. And thanks to Yolande from for her fantastic support of my musicsmiley.gif I believe i'm on a future podcast from her. Best wishes to all of you who reads this, and a merry christmassmiley.gif


Yolande from Radio Happy will soon be playing som of my music on her show. Thanks a lot Yolande smiley.gif. So tune in this forthcomming weekend between 8 and 10 PM (CET) for her latest shows.



Fantastic news: Today Astreaux World added no less than 3 more tracks to their playlist:"Release", "Reentering" and "Welcome To The Darkside". Thanks a 1.000.000 Astreauxsmiley.gif. So remember to tune in on Astreaux World on smiley.gif.


My new video for "Reentering" is onlinesmiley.gif


After tecnical difficulties , Steven Barber managed to play two of my tunes on Aiiradio: "Release" and "Reentering". So nice of you Steve. Glad you made it back smiley.gif. And, I'm working on a new video for the "Reentering" track. And furthermore: My all new track is slowly taking shape, so stay tunedsmiley.gif



My new video for the track "Welcome To The Darkside" is online on Youtube. Please check it out;-). Aaaaand: Steven Barber will again play some of my music on Aiiradio this saturday, november the 5., between 7-8 AM EST. smiley.gif. Thanks again Steve!!



Steven Barber vill again play some of my music on Aiiradio. This saturday 15.10.2011. between 1 and 3.30 PM CET. Thanks again Steve:-D. Also a new track "Release" is added to my ReverbNation page. Please check it out;-). Cheers.



Elektroland radioshow 132 is online now for download: 

And as I mentioned before: Some more of my music is played on Aiiradio This Saturday_9-24-11_between 7-10 AM EST!. (13-16 Danish time ;-))smiley.gif


My new ReverbNation site is up and running. 4 tracks, videoes and more to comesmiley.gif.  Please check it out:!/larsdf

Steven Barber promised to play Orbit on his next show (saturday). Cheers.



Good news smiley.gif: Steven Barber from Aii Radio will play something from my GALAXY album this Saturday_9-17-11_between 7-10 AM EST (13.00-16.00 GMT, Denmark). So remember to tune in on this saturday.



More good news: Bjørn Jeppesen will play my track "Orbit" on his latest ELEKTROLAND show. Thanks Bjørn smiley.gif You can hear the show here:



More good news: Today my tracks "Galaxy The Space Dolphin" and "Orbit" is added to the playlist on RADIO EQUINOXE", the official Jean Michel Jarre fan radio: And also "Orbit" is added to "Astreaux World" radio playlist. Thanks guys smiley.gif.



My new video for "Orbit" is online on Youtube.


Today the internet radio station "Astreaux World", USA, added my track "Galaxy The Space Dolphin" to their playlist. Astreaux World is a part of Live365, and can be heard their website: It would be on air within a few days from now. And also Terry Hawke from 102.3 HFM radio station in England would play the track in the next Chill Out Session or so. This is indeed good news. Thank's guyssmiley.gif


I recently joined "Danish EM Music", "YEMC" and "ELECTRONIC MUSIC 70s 80s 90s". Wery nice groups on Facebook, for someone like me who LOVE electronic music. I'm recording again, this time only with soft synths, and I'm very exitedsmiley.gif. I'm moving towards a more analog fat sound. Maybe I put a sample out on my YouTube Channel some time later. I'm stil planning on releasing my "EVOLUTION" album later this year. It's produced in 1999, and is a little bit more simple produced than "GALAXY". But still with very strong melodies and soundscapes.



About me: My musical style is electronic, dark, rythmic and VERY melodicly driven tracks, mainy instrumental. Inspiations count artists such as. Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Spleen United, Royksop, and MANY others..

GALAXY is my second recorded concept album. I started the recordings in 1999, and finished it in 2001. Two years earlier, in 1999, I made my first full album "EVOLUTION". It has not yet been released. Hopefully it will be later this year smiley.gif

Please visit my myspace site to listen to more of my musicsmiley.gif





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