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Top Features and Benefits of Motor Insurance Plans

A motor insurance policy is generally the insurance coverage mandated by law to make a drive on the road. It covers all against liability damages and unexpected repairs. Here are the three types of motor insurance plans applicable.

Car Insurance

It normally refers to insurance coverage for an unexpected accidental loss or damage to own car or to a third party.

Two Wheeler Insurance

It is similar to car insurance where it provides protection to cars and bikes. Get an online instant policy of two wheelers for a specific coverage and enjoy the assured services in competitive pricing.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is meant to help all vehicle drivers in reducing losses and damages to their vehicle. Also it covers against legal liability from accidental damages or injuries or death. It covers both vehicle and passenger. In some cases, it also covers the loss during shipment.


All these motor insurance plans cover damages incurred to third party and to self car. Some private insurers offer a large number of other benefits to the policyholders like

  • ·         Cashless Settlement
  • ·         Instant Free Claim Settlement
  • ·         Depreciation Cover
  • ·         Engine Protection Cover
  • ·         24X7 Spot Support
  • ·         Towing Facility
  • ·         Hassle Free Inspection
  • ·         High Service Standards


  • ·  It covers loss/damage due to natural calamities like fire, earthquake, explosion, lightning, flood, storm, cyclone, landslide and rockslide.
  • ·    It covers loss/damage due to man-made calamities like Burglary, strike, theft, strike, malicious act, terrorist activity, and damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway or air.
  • ·  Personal accident coverage of Rs. 1 lakh for the individual owner and driver of the vehicle while dismounting from the two-wheeler.
  • · Motor Insurance protects against third party legal liability due to accidental damages like injury or death of a person, and damage to the surrounding property.

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