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Leather Vests For Formal Occasions

Ask anyone who enjoys leather vests and they will tell you that the right vest can truly be worn with just about any outfit. In fact, one of the leading reasons why black leather vests remain so popular, no matter what decade it is, is because of how versatile they are. Not only do they go with any outfit, they go with any attitude, as well. Many people have begun wearing vests during formal occasions such as weddings, funerals and even business meetings! Let's look to see how a black leather vest is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, no matter where you might be headed to.


There is no occasion more formal, more fun and more respected than a wedding. Men normally dress up in suits or even a tuxedo and women unveil their favourite dresses for these beautiful and joyous occasions. Weddings can also be a great place to express your individuality, and no single garment can help you do that better than leather vests. You can wear one over a pressed oxford shirt, or you can dress up in a more Western style motif and add the vest over the top of that. You could even wear the leather vest with a tuxedo for a truly unique look that is sure to make you the talk of the event.


Funerals, unlike weddings, are solemn occasions that require a bit more tact and taste when it comes to picking out what you are going to wear. That doesn't mean that black vests are inappropriate, however. After all, everyone knows you wear black to a funeral, and a leather vest can be an important and poignant tribute to the deceased. This is especially true if the person who has passed was a lover of leather vests themselves.

Business Meetings

When most of us think of the typical type of clothing we see during a business meeting, black leather vests are the furthest things from our minds. However, donning a leather vest can give you an advantage at the negotiating table since you are likely to catch the other party off guard. By showing up to an important meeting in formal wear plus a vest, you give the impression that you are a maverick and someone who is a little bit unpredictable as well as someone who marches to his own drum. In short, you'll be someone everyone else in the room has to respect.

Romantic Nights Out

Finally, more and more men are realizing just how stunning black leather vests look on a romantic date with someone special. You can wear your vest as a type of jacket over your outfit, or you can easily incorporate it as part of your ensemble that you keep on throughout the evening. Just like in the business meeting, wearing a black vest on a date gives the impression that you are ready for anything and more than just a little romantic.

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